Audit Readiness

Streamline Preparation. Achieve Proactive Readiness.

Simplify audit prep with Start Securely. Automate tasks, consolidate resources, engage with auditors confidently.

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Deploy Robust Security Programs

Roll out rigorous security programs tailored to auditor standards, demonstrating compliance with frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI. Seamlessly integrate your cloud infrastructure to facilitate automated workflows and expedite gap identification. Define a dedicated audit window for focused compliance monitoring, separate from other regulatory activities, ensuring meticulous control monitoring within the specified timeframe.

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Enable Audit Mode. Monitor Compliance. Collect Evidence.

Simplify and automate SaaS-based risk assessments with Start Securely, reducing reliance on spreadsheets and email exchanges.
For organisations new to risk assessments, Start Securely offers pre-built content, including a comprehensive risk library featuring common scenarios and suggested controls.

For companies with established risk management practices, Start Securely provides customizable options to align with internal procedures, including terminology and task assignment integration.

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Collaborate with Auditors via a Shared Dashboard

Invite your chosen auditor to a secure Start Securely dashboard, enhancing the efficiency of evidence review and collaboration. Restrict access to resources pertinent to the current audit, granting flexibility to select evidence manually or follow Start Securely recommendations for accelerated processes. Communicate with your auditor, exchange requested evidence, and monitor audit progress seamlessly—all within a unified interface.

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Accurate Audit Evidence

Say goodbye to red flags and false positives with Start Securely. Native integrations and automation ensure the collection of precise audit evidence. As your infrastructure expands, Start Securely seamlessly syncs new risks, maps controls, and maintains tracking, eliminating last-minute surprises and clarifications.

Effortless Management Reviews

Facilitate transparent and efficient audit requirements fulfillment with Start Securely. Share evidence sets, risk reports, and relevant documents directly from the app for management review and signoff with just one click. Collect acknowledgments swiftly and transition smoothly towards audits.

Efficient Audit Scaling

Streamline audit planning and preparation with Start Securely. Define audit periods for each framework, business unit, or operational geography tagged to Start Securely. Monitor controls for each audit seamlessly without missing any critical details, enabling scalability without increased effort.



At Start Securely, our shared dashboard for collaborating with auditors is designed with your security in mind. We employ robust encryption protocols and strict access controls to ensure that only authorized users and auditors have access to sensitive data. Our systems undergo regular security audits and updates to maintain compliance with industry standards, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and HIPAA. You can collaborate confidently knowing that your data is protected by the latest security measures. We are committed to providing a secure platform that streamlines your preparation and achieves proactive readiness for compliance audits.

Certainly. Start Securely allows you to tailor access permissions for auditors on the shared dashboard to meet your exact needs. You can easily adjust permissions to ensure auditors have the appropriate level of access, maintaining a balance between security and operational efficiency. This customization empowers you to streamline your compliance process while proactively preparing for audits. Whether you need to restrict certain data or provide limited access, our platform gives you the flexibility to manage permissions effortlessly. Rest assured, your auditors will have precisely the tools they need to perform their tasks effectively, while your sensitive data remains secure.

Start Securely leverages automation to streamline the evidence review process. Our platform automates the collection, organization, and presentation of compliance evidence, ensuring it is readily accessible and presented in the format auditors expect. By intelligently categorizing evidence and providing real-time updates, Start Securely saves your team valuable time and effort. This approach not only accelerates the review process but also enhances accuracy and compliance. With Start Securely, you can achieve proactive readiness by simplifying evidence review and ensuring your organization is well-prepared for audits and compliance assessments.

If you require additional evidence during the audit, our platform simplifies the process for you. You can effortlessly upload the necessary documents directly through our system. Our support team is readily available to assist you with any questions you may have about this process. Our goal is to ensure that your audit proceeds smoothly and efficiently, without unnecessary delays. We understand the importance of proactive readiness and strive to support you in achieving compliance with ease.